Special session at ECCE12

The CoPro project organized a special session at the 12th European Conference on Chemical Engineering (ECCE12), where four talks were given by M. Georgiadis (CERTH), S. Wenzel and S. Engell (TUDO), and J.L. Pitarch (UVA). The talks dealt with use cases from several sectors of the European process industries – petrochemicals, cellulose fibre production, consumer goods, and food processing. The presented solutions lead to improved planning and scheduling and to more efficient use of energy and resources and thus to cleaner production. The talks showed that tailored solutions based upon mixed-integer programming can solve industrial-size problems sufficiently fast for real applications.

In particular the researcher of the CSP group, J.L. Pitarch, introduced to the audience the decision-support solutions proposed, as well as their benefits in terms of savings, in the largest viscose-fiber production factory in Europe: Lenzing AG. A summary of the talk can be found HERE.