Process Modelling and Simulation

This topic covers issues related with the development of models and its use in simulation. This is one of the main research areas of the Group, with wide experience specifically in sugar processes, petrochemical processes and renewable energies. Main topics are:

  • Development of dynamic models for industrial processes. They are implemented as libraries that allows their automatic reuse inside a simulation environment. The group has developed several libraries for sugar factories, desalination by reverse osmosis, natural gas networks, hydrogen networks in oil refineries, electrical systems, etc.
  • Process simulators for staff training, that simulates control rooms connected to industrial facilities from which the process can be operated in real-time in a similar way to the real one.
  • Simulation languages. The group actively collaborates with Empresarios Agrupados in the development of the simulation environment EcosimPro (official language for European Space Agency) adding functionalities, for example: dynamic optimization, OPC, HIL, etc.
  • Methods for model parametrization and validation. They include all the techniques and tools for adjusting dynamic models to experimental data and validation of those models.
  • Data-based and Grey-box modelling of dynamic systems through Artificial Neural Networks and Symbolic Constrained Regression.

Software we use:

Training simulator for a sugar factory