Conferencia «Optimization and simulation-based approaches to manage logistics of trucks and ships in large supply chains» (fecha actualizada)

El próximo 21 de diciembre de 2022 a las 12h, en la sala de grados 2301 de la Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales (sede Mergelina), Carlos Méndez, del INTEC (UNL-CONICET) de Santa Fe (Argentina), impartirá la conferencia titulada «Optimization and simulation-based approaches to manage logistics of trucks and ships in large supply chains«.

Resumen de la conferencia:

This seminar will introduce two alternative models to deal with different strategic and operational logistic problems of trucks and ships in large supply chains. The first one describes an efficient MILP-based heuristic procedure to deal with distribution scheduling of large size problems of industrial gases. The work proposes new strategies for generating efficient routes for product distribution in combination with an aggregated production scheduling. The problem takes into consideration a predefined time horizon, a set of production plants, a set of customers with daily product demands, a fleet of trucks to distribute gases, min/max production rates in plants as well as min/max tank levels in plants and customers. An discrete time MILP-model is formulated to consider the production routing problem (MPRP) with multiple production plants with different features. The results obtained showed that efficient solutions can be generated with a robust solution strategy and stable CPU times. In this way, the problem can be solved by considering multiple visits per route, routes with a duration of two or three days, and multiple routes per day for every vehicle. The second approach introduces a discrete event simulation-based model to deal with strategic decisions in the crude oil supply chain in Argentina. This model aims at representing the main components related to production, transportation and refining of the whole supply chain. The main objective is to have a simulated system that can be used to size to fleet of ships to transport crude oil from the south to the center of the country. Uncertainties related to the weather in ports and failures in refineries and pipelines are taken explicitly into consideration.